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The Importance of Helping Seniors to Downsize Their Homes

There are many seniors who are now moving towards finding their final residence, the place they will spend time in as they work toward reaching their goal of aging in place. It all begins with considering one's biggest asset, and this would be the property a senior calls home.

Downsizing is a solution that helps seniors to reduce expenses significantly, enjoy a higher quality of life and safely age in place. Let's take a look at the importance of downsizing for senior citizens.


Maximize Real Estate Investment

Property is an investment, and when one makes a thoughtful purchase, that investment can later be used to help a person enjoy a more fulfilling life. By selling a larger home and moving to something smaller, seniors can use the profits from their larger estate to reduce or eliminate their mortgage, travel, pay for necessary medical expenses or cover monthly bills easily. This prevents them from needing financial assistance from other family members, and it increases their flexibility when it comes to making choices about how they want to spend their golden years.

Reduce Expenses

The cost to heat and cool a large house can equate to hundreds of dollars each month. Taxes on even a modest sized family home are also high in many cities, as are the funds needed to cover regular upkeep and maintenance. By downsizing, seniors reduce their monthly expenses, tax bills and upkeep allowances, making it easier to live on a fixed income and continue to age in place.

Simplify Life

Most property owners tend to spend a lot of money completing annual maintenance, taking care of necessary home renovations, paying for cleaning services and generally ensuring that their investment is protected. For a senior living on a fixed income, continuing to make these expensive allowances is difficult and sometimes even impossible. When seniors are able to take care of these expenses, they must sacrifice in other areas, spending more money and time on their property, and less of both can go toward enjoying life.

Downsizing simplifies everything for property owners and ensures they are able to focus on the most important things in life and generally enjoy a higher quality of life. This is important for the senior who wants to age in place, spend time with family, enjoy traveling, take up a new hobby or simply relax without the stress of continuously incurring debt over their head. Downsizing equals simplicity, and simplicity increases choices and even the potential for greater happiness.

Safety Aspects of Downsizing

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of downsizing is how it impacts the safety and wellbeing of seniors. Larger homes often come with difficult to navigate stairs, spaces large enough to accumulate clutter and expansive, open hallways. While these things are often attractive to a family of five, for a senior citizen, they can easily pose risks for falls. Just one fall can cause permanent damage to a senior, making it impossible to continue ambulating and independently managing essential activities of daily living. Downsizing to a smaller, one-story home or condominium provides an opportunity to reduce or eliminate many of these risks, making home a safer place to live and grow old in.


Downsizing should never be looked as a negative. Considering the benefits it brings, it is one of the most important and beneficial decisions a senior can make. Seniors realize this, and there has been a 25% increase in downsizing in the past few years signaling the interest of seniors’ across the country in making such changes. If you or a loved one is interested in downsizing your home, discuss your needs with a qualified Realtor who can help you to make the right choice and land in a home you’re certain to love.

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